You Can Become An Award Winning YouTuber or Blogger
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You Can Become An Award Winning YouTuber or Blogger

have you ever noticed that sometimes
people have award-winning websites or maybe an award-winning recipe I mean
what a great marketing tool that you can sit there and say that the item that
you’re selling or that you’re promoting is award-winning well today I’m going to
show you how simple that is today I’m Colorado martini living so for years I have been entering
contests I have been entering everything from fairs to national contests since I
was about 16 years old and I have awards from my photography from my gardening
for my cooking I pretty much have entered every kind of
contest there is and one of the places that I’ve gotten most of my awards is
the County Fair and what’s so great about the County Fair is it the people
that are entering in the categories are very minimal so your chances of winning
are very high if your websites or one of your social media sites
seek out contests across the nation or even internationally that are looking
for people to enter these contests to be the top ten website for cooking or the
top ten website for hiking they’re out there there’s photography
contests that the National Park Service sponsors there’s a lot of outdoor
enthusiasts that I follow and they take these wonderful shots these wonderful
pictures and they should be entering contests there’s even drone contests out
there for the footage that you take you just have to seek them out this is
actually a very fun activity because not only does your community get to see your
wares but it’s if you’re a family channel what a fun thing to do with your
kids I’ve been doing this with my kids for years my daughter one year she made
the greatest caramel candy and by accident she put in lemon flavoring
instead of vanilla and it turned out to be the best caramel and she won first
place and not only is it good to enter these contests but think of the exposure
your products or your content is getting try entering the contest under your
channel name and so you can say that your channel actually won the award so
start small start at your county fairs a place where you feel very comfortable
and you’ve gone to the fair you’ve gone and looked at the wares that have awards
and so you feel comfortable in that environment so you have a better chance
of winning because you kind of know what your competition is I’ve also entered
contests within organizations that I belong to I belong to the Daughters of
the American Revolution and so I entered on some of my photography and won second
place on the national level and I was very proud of that
I’ve also entered cooking contests in magazines
I actually won twice in Sunset magazine one time my family was featured in one
of their editions in 2004 and boy were my kids excited about that because they
got to be in a national magazine and one other thing if you’re a family channel I
highly recommend that you get the entire family involved in this it’s a really
fun activity I’ve done it for years with my girls
my kids have won everything from cooking contests to photography contests it’s a
wonderful experience that you can do with your children to build their
confidence and to bond with them and it’s fun and so they love going to the
fair and showing off that I did that through the cabinet and to let all their
friends know that their things are on display at the fair
it just is a really neat thing to do most people think that all you can enter
in a County Fair is livestock and that’s not true
your children could do anything from photography to artwork to knitting to
pretty much anything I mean what a great project for them to do with their
grandparents to knit something or sew something and allow their grandparents
to pass down just a wonderful craft that they know it just is a really neat
experience for grandparents and parents to get involved and in most counties you
don’t have to live in that County to join that fair so if you’ve missed the
fair in your County try the county next to you or a couple of counties over so
one of the first things you want to do is go onto your County website where the
fair is being housed and it’s usually under exhibitors and there’s usually a
deadline and you usually have to fill out a form to enter whatever you’re
going to be entering they usually are called classes in the classes of the
different categories so if you’re entering photography
maybe you’re entering a landscape and so that would be one of the classes you
also be aware of the deadlines and when you’re supposed to be dropping things
off so also be aware of the presentation if you’re entering vegetables they may
only want three tomatoes or maybe ten string beans what plate they want them
on so really pay attention to the presentation for instance I’m entering
photography and they wanted on a matted board not a poster board a mat board
that you would normally see in a frame and they want to presented it a certain
way so no hangers things of that nature but every County Fair is different so
definitely pay attention to the rule most of the time when you’re entering a
photo they want you to mount it and my particular fare I can use one of
these and then I mount it to a piece of this backing this white backing and then
you can present it that way you can get this like photo mounting
stuff to put on it alright so I’ve got my cheese and I’m entering and my
pictures and then on Saturday I’m going to be entering all my vegetables because
those have to be fresh and be judged on the same day we’re on our way to go see
the judging of the vegetables and Santa Claus judges the vegetables here at the
Boulder County Fair kid you not so like I said Santa Claus judges our vegetables seen if I placed in the camp in the
photography so I got second place for my echinacea things that the kids have done
in 4h which is a wonderful program to get your kids involved you don’t need to
live on a farm or a ranch to be part of 4h I highly recommend it so when this video is coming out it’s
right before summer and that’s when you really want to start looking at the
county fairs it’s one Oh a lot of the contests are and also too if you win at
the County Fair in your category depending on the state that you’re
entering in you have the ability to go to the state level which is winning two
contests so if you went on the state you are the winner across the whole state
and how cool is that so you have to seek out these contests they’re not gonna
seek you out you need to get on the web and you need to find them in whatever
you’re John drah is it there just is contests for everything that’s out there
I guarantee it and remember whether you win first
second third or even fourth you’re still can say you were award winning you


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