You’re Using Twitter Wrong // How to use Twitter
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You’re Using Twitter Wrong // How to use Twitter

Hello. Originally my plan for this video
was to take the camera outside and to do this whole thing outside
and get a little change of scenery and shake things up a bit but Mother Nature decided
to shake things up a bit. There is basically a storm happening out, there’s like flood warnings
like things are happening, the planet is… I don’t know. So… You guys are
just gonna have to deal with… I wanted to bring you all here today
to talk about a platform that is near and dear to my heart, and that is Twitter. Every time that I talk about Twitter IRL, everybody’s like,
“What? Twitter? Do people use that?” yes, people do use it. And guess what?
Twitter is my country. I love Twitter
and you should too and here’s why. First of all of the bad word, networking. Twitter is this amazing place to network, to make new friends,
for collaborations, to meet colleagues. It is not super oversaturated
like Instagram is. A lot of people be sending DMs over
on Instagram to get in contact with certain people. If you head over to Twitter, you might be surprised
to see that that same person is a little bit more accessible because not as many people
are there trying to, I don’t know, sending their DMs. In order to network properly on Twitter you really need to
just have a conversation with the people
that you are following or the people who follow you as well. Twitter really is like going
to a party or get together and just hanging out with people. So, if you kind of think of it that way
and treat it that way then you will use Twitter properly in order to network and get to know
certain people on the platform. Next you need to familiarize yourself
with gifs or gifs, whatever planet you live on. Anyway. This video is not about gif
versus gif. It’s gif by the way. Using gifs in the right way can help you communicate your message
in a more succinct manner. I don’t need to school you
on how to use gifts on the Internet but, I don’t know, maybe I do. On Twitter, gifs are your friend, friend, friends. Take Twitter from URL to IRL. If you connect
with someone on Twitter don’t be afraid to turn that
into a real life encounter, especially if it’s someone
who is in the same industry as you or maybe an artist
that you can collaborate with, Twitter is there for the reason
of connecting with people. So, if you find someone
that you connect with, try to see how you can connect
with them offline. And for those of you
who do follow me on Twitter, you probably already know that I am
hosting a micro conference that is specific about Twitter. The purpose
of this micro conference is, one, to learn about the platform and the proper ways
and strategies to use Twitter. And two, to network. So, I am actually going
to turn my URL connections into IRL. This, a micro conference is called TWITIRL. The conference is going to be
on June 8th in Atlanta, Georgia. So, if you want more information,
I’m going to put a link to, to how to get your tickets and RSVP
and all that stuff in the description. Even if you aren’t
that active on Twitter or maybe you aren’t
even on the platform I still urge you to go because this could be
a really great networking opportunity. You can meet
some other creators, entrepreneurs, people who are interested
in the same things that you are and maybe we might even make you
a little Twitter profile so that you can join us. This next tip is a little
bit more on the technical side I feel like it’s important because it’s
kind of like a little pet peeve of mine, I see it all the time
and I’m surprised that people still don’t know
that this happens. If you are making tweet and you want to mention somebody, don’t start the tweet with their handle. So, if you start the tweet
with @redromina is super amazing. Your followers are not going
to see that tweet only the people
who follow both you and whoever
you’re mentioning, @redromina, only those people
are going to see that tweet. Two ways to avoid this is, put a a little punctuation mark,
whatever, at the start of the sentence so that it doesn’t start off
with the handle. You can also start off
the sentence by saying, “Hey, did you know that
@redromina is awesome.” and that will avoid,
you know, this fiasco. So many times I’ve had people
who will say something nice about another creator or somebody
that they look up to without realizing that nobody
can see what they just said because, you know,
they don’t follow the other person. So, if you want somebody
to be discovered, if you want to talk
about a musician that you love, then don’t start off the tweet with, you know, what their handle
because then ain’t nobody gonna see it. Another little technical tip is if you’re gonna use hashtags,
use them sparingly I feel like this is kind of like a rule
just across the board on social media. But if you have any sentence, don’t hashtag random words. That seems
to be a thing that people do. If you are
just writing a sentence like, “My #cat is #amazing
and loves #watching TV.” Then we got a problem. Write on your sentence normal. If there’s a few keywords
that you think people will search for and will want
to see your tweet in the search results. then add those hashtags
at the end if possible, I mean, I could go on and on
with all of like these technical tips but this video is not about that. This video
is about how you are missing out on the opportunity to be
on an amazing platform. So many opportunities
have come to me because of Twitter. So, if you remember
or if you are new here and have no idea, I did a speaking thing,
I spoke at 368 in New York City. That opportunity happened
because of Twitter, solely because of Twitter. That being said,
if you are sitting, if you are sitting around waiting
for opportunities to happen, let me break it to you. You should hop
on that Twitter train. By the way,
I hang out there all of the time. Basically,
if you want to hang out with me like 24/7, although I don’t know why
anybody would want to do that, Twitter’s the place to do that. So, stop sleeping
and go join the Twitter game. Honestly guys you’re missing out.
You gotta get on Twitter Anyway. For now I am gonna go,
probably to hang out on Twitter. Anyway. That is really,
that is the end. That’s the end of that. If you can do me a huge favor
and hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already. If you enjoyed this video then don’t forget
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