Yummy Egg Salad!!! 🙃🙃
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Yummy Egg Salad!!! 🙃🙃

hi guys I went to a party today today’s is Tuesday . 2;37 pm I’m almost going
to work so this is gonna break quick I am making egg salad sandwich all right
be with me .okay guys I only met Oh did not finish I still have one yes eggs
so just fo 4 eggs and then I have to put lime juice mustard and mayo it’s like I think this is really a
a gable for me guys because my husband doesn’t like mayo this is not a proper measurement guys and then a squeeze a lttle bit os lime.
then pepper, salt. I supposed to put spring onions but I
don’t have spring onions. yeah I wanted to add a little garlic but the same
time my husband does not like a lot of thing ingredients – sorry sorry then mix mix mix this is the mayo pepper and mustard now I’m gonna slice the eggs. I think I over cook the egg this is really good doing you’re going
to work it’s like quick easy prepare every day because this is my quick recipe guys
because I buy spring onions like those fresh vegetables and it’s really gone
bad faster. just nice not a lot of mayo.next time I’m
gonna make Tuna salad.That time I’m gonna put some spring onions this is it, guys. it’s my own style this is bisaya style yadi love garlic it was this one Nevil family is and I help you
time we don’t need much junk boats not much our snacks is peanuts these guys yeah this is mine then when you cut it
cut it look pretty supposed to cut the oh yeah hey my egg salad I’m gonna
– Here I am trying not bad THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Parham country show guys it began Virginia’s a tsunami ananda gandha you


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