Yuriko’s 41st Birthday Facebook Fundraiser for 13th St Cat Rescue (2019-2020)
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Yuriko’s 41st Birthday Facebook Fundraiser for 13th St Cat Rescue (2019-2020)

(upbeat music) – Hi, everyone! This is Yuriko, and this is Frank. And I’m running a birthday
fundraiser on Facebook to celebrate my 41st birthday. And you may be wondering why
am I running this fundraiser? ‘Cause I’ve already ran two. For the last two years,
we ran some fundraisers. But, we decided to do it again, or I decided, he didn’t really
decide, for a lot of reasons. You know, one is because
they really make me happy. I really like just trying
to make a difference for this organization that
brought this guy into our lives ’cause he’s made a really big difference. Frank was with 13th Street Cat Rescue in their foster program
for almost two years before we got him and without them, we would’ve never gotten him. And the thing about
them is they’re amazing. And I feel like if I can try
and help out a little bit towards, you know,
towards helping them run their amazing organization,
I really wanna do it. Because they’re all volunteer
run, and this is the thing, like, you probably know people
that are just like them. They don’t like to ask,
they don’t like to ask for money, they don’t
really fundraise that much. They don’t even do,
like, a Christmas mailer, but, yet, of course, if you’re
running an organization, a non-profit in the Silicon
Valley, it’s really expensive. It’s expensive to help these guys with all their vet bills and everything. So, you know, I feel like
they’re a really worthy cause. They’ve made a difference in our lives and they’re great people. So if you can help me help
this fundraiser this year, I’d really appreciate it. I’m turning 41 years old and
we’re trying to break a record. We’re trying to raise $41,000. We’ve raised $27,201 from the last two, and I’m hoping that this year
can be the best year ever. So thanks so much! I’m Yuriko, this is Frank and
we hope that you will support my birthday fundraiser. Thanks, guys!

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