Zuckerberg’s Senate hearing highlights in 10 minutes
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Zuckerberg’s Senate hearing highlights in 10 minutes

We face a number of important issues around privacy Safety and democracy and you will rightfully have some hard questions for me to answer Before I talk about the steps we’re taking to address them I want to talk about how we got here Facebook is an idealistic and optimistic company for most of our existence We focused on all the good that connecting people can do and as Facebook has grown people everywhere have gotten a powerful new tool For staying connected to the people they love For making their voices heard and for building communities and businesses Just recently. We’ve seen the e2 movement and the March for our lives organized at least in part on Facebook after hurricane Harvey people came together to raise more than 20 million dollars for relief and more Than 70 million biz small businesses use Facebook to create jobs and grow but it’s clear now that we didn’t do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well and That goes for fake news Foreign interference and elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy We didn’t take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was a big mistake, and it was my mistake and I’m sorry I started Facebook, I run it and I’m responsible for what happens here. After more than a decade of promises to do better. How is today’s? Apology different, and why should we trust? Facebook to make the necessary changes to ensure user privacy and give people a clearer picture of your privacy policies Thank You Mr. Chairman So we have made a lot of mistakes in running the company. I think it’s it’s pretty much impossible I believe to start a company in your dorm room and then grow it to be at the scale that we’re at now without making some mistakes and because our service is about helping people connect and information Those mistakes have been different in how they we try not to make the same mistake multiple times But in general a lot of the mistakes are around how people connect to each other just because of the nature of the search Overall I would say that we’re going through a broader philosophical shift in how we approach our responsibility as a company for the first 10 or 12 years of the company I viewed our responsibility as primarily building tools that if we could put those tools in people’s hands Then that would empower people to do good things what I think we’ve learned now across a number of issues not just data privacy But also fake news and foreign interference and elections is that we need to take a more proactive role in a broader view of our Responsibility it’s not enough to just build tools We need to make sure that they’re used for good and that means that we need to now take a more active view in policing the eco system and in Watching and kind of looking out and making sure that all of the members in our community are using these tools in a way That’s gonna. Be good and healthy so at the end of the day This is going to be something where people will measure us by our results on this It’s not that I expect that anything I say here today to Necessarily change people’s view, but I’m committed to getting this right, and I believe that over the coming years once We fully work all these solutions through people will see real real differences Facebook’s been served a subpoenas For the special counselor’s office is that correct? Yes if you were anyone at Facebook, but interviewed by the special counsels office? Yes/ Have you been interviewed? I have not/ Others have? I believe so and I want to be careful here because that our work with the special counsel is Confidential and I want to make sure that in an open session. I’m not revealing something that’s confidential who’s there? There’s one made clear that you have been contacted you have Actually, let me clarify that I I actually am not aware of a subpoena I believe that there may be but I know we’re working with them. Thank you. You’re Chief operating officer Ms. Sandberg suggested on the NBC Today Show that Facebook users who do not want their personal information used for advertising Might have to pay for that protection pay for it Are you actually? Pay for you not to use that information Senator People have a control over how their information is used in ads in the product today So if you want to have an experience where your ads Aren’t you aren’t targeted using all the information that we have available you can turn off third-party information? What we found is that even though some people don’t like ads people really don’t like ads that aren’t relevant and While there is some discomfort for sure with using information in making ads more relevant The overwhelming feedback that we get from our community is that people would rather have us Show relevant content there than not So we offer this control that either you’re referencing Some people use it. It’s not the majority of people on Facebook and and I think that that’s That’s a good level of control to offer I think what Cheryl was saying was that in order to not run ads at all we would still need some sort of business model and that Is your business model so I take it that? And I use the harmless example of chocolate, but if it got into more personal thing communicating with friends And I want to cut it off I’m gonna have to pay you In order not to send me using my personal information Something that I don’t want that In essence is what I understood Miss Anne Berg to say is that correct? Yes, senator, although to be clear We don’t offer an option today for people to pay to not show ads We think offering an ad-supported service is the most aligned with our mission of trying to help connect everyone in the world Because we want to offer a free service that everyone can afford okay That’s the only way that we can reach billions of people so therefore you can my personally identifiable data The company’s data not my data. Is that it? No senator actually at the first line of our Terms of Service Say that you control and owned the information and content that you put on Facebook. You don’t think you have a monopoly All right certainly doesn’t feel like that to me. Here’s the question that all of us kind of answered. What do we tell our constituents? Given what’s happened here? While we should let you self-regulate What would you tell people in South Carolina that given all the things? We’ve just discovered here It’s a good idea for us to rely upon you to regulate your own business practices Well senator my position is not that there should be no regulation I think the internet is increasing in embrace regulation I think the real question as the Internet becomes more important in people’s lives is what is the right regulation not? Whether there should be you as a company welcomed regulation I think if it’s the right regulation then you think the Europeans have it right I think that they get things right have you ever submitted That’s true So would you work with us in terms of what regulations? You think are necessary in your industry? Absolutely, okay, would you submit this and proposed regulations yes? And I’ll have my team follow up with you So that way we can have this discussion across the different categories where I think that this discussion needs to look forward to it Would you support a child? online privacy bill of rights for kids under 16 to guarantee that that information is not reused for any other purpose without explicit permission from the parents or the kids Senator I think that as a general principle I think protecting people protecting minors and protecting their privacy is extremely important And we do a number of things on facebook to do that already which I’m happy. I’m talking about a law I’m talking about a lot, would you support a law to ensure that kids under 16 have this? Privacy Bill of Rights I had this conversation with you in your office seven years ago about this specific in palo alto And and I think that’s really what the american people want to know right now. What is the protections of? This what are the protections that are going to be put on the books for their families, but especially for their children? Would you support a privacy Bill of Rights for kids? Where opt-in is the standard yes or no? Senator I think that that’s an important principle and precinct, and I think we should we need a law to protect those children That’s my question – do you believe we need a lot to do so yes or no Senator, I’m not sure if we need a law But I think that this is certainly a thing that that discard that that deserves a lot of discussion And I again, I couldn’t disagree with you more other. We’re leaving these children to the most rapacious commercial predators in the country who will exploit these children unless we absolutely have a law on the books and Absolutely scary sure please give a short answer Senator I look forward to having my team follow up to flesh out the details of it I don’t think this is like Senator play to get a grip correct answer. Thank You Mr. Chairman


  • CNET

    Zuck to Congress: I welcome regulation — if it's the right regulation – https://www.cnet.com/news/congress-to-grill-facebook-zuckerberg-over-data-mining-election-meddling-cambridge-analytica/

  • Panos Rod

    This staged show concludes in two statements:
    1.We must secure people's privacy,
    2.We must control and overview our users for security reasons.

  • Jenny Gavin-Wear

    What a liar. The so-called 'mistakes' always work out for Facebook's benefit.
    It is practically impossible to use Facebook without it using our input to determine what adverts we get.
    Facebook choose what we see in our feeds, even choosing to not show us what we are using the service for.
    Facebook relies on the ignorance of politicians and the law. They do not understand the technology, let alone how to govern it and keep it safe.
    Facebook, Google and similar organisations are too big and weild too much power.

  • Tyler Glossup

    Watching all these videos makes me realize he deserves every penny he's ever made from facebook. Hell I'd want a 20 mil just for dealing with these old dumbasses

  • kakolee Bandyopadhyay

    My question is @ Facebook," Why is not Facebook allowing me to log in without giving cell number which I do not keep, when Facebook has no contact number to call their stuff and explain it over the phone? Facebook does not use cell phone to contact so do I . Then why is this discrimination against me?

  • Suraj Gurung

    Facebook is a very big company but i don't know why customer care is not available? I'm a user and my personal data can be used for advertise, i was targeted by my interest but i don't have right to contact facebook? I can not ask Facebook directly any issues? why???

  • YoScRoll

    I was expecting yall to get the flow of this hearing he hasnt answered any of there questions in years they get the complaints the tech is in their lives just like ours im pretty sure they use facebook people point is this dude got everybody info and he holding out on it he mot answering any regulations amd its been going on for years i call plot

  • Freddy Alexander

    What they are doing is controlling him. Don't you see how he avoid any question?? Do you know what is a monopoly? Do you know about politics or economy? Do you know how this world really work?? No, you are probably in a front of a screen the whole day. Let me explain you dumb asses!. This guy has one of the most powerful tools or " weapons" in the world, next to the real weapons, Facebook is dangerous in his hands or any other man running something like this by himself. It is call communications, politics and economy, not entertainment.. Dumb asses!.


    THS INFO MESSAGE TO Y facebook onwer & dep BEhind y bigest invesgtion to Y TEAM DEP TO y TECN INTERNT COMING TO BE UNDER WORLD NRWS Y PAY Y TECN intrent f city y are TODAY BU BRING th dep suppo behnd Y UNDER NATIOAL EMERGNCY ATTACK TPO th tecn intrent EVCUTION ORDER

  • Kenya Hawkins

    Zuck could have cut thru the crap..and just blurted out.."Facebook earns the US a major chunk of its tax revenue..gleaned from advertising in every country of the world!! Give a "free service" and make money! That's our deeply held secret..learnt in the dorm when I started FB!"

  • Ambika g.b.

    If someone is so concerned about their privacy why would they put their data in a website when it is unknown whether it could be misused

  • Thelonious Coltrane

    Zuckerberg is the modern day Houdini of the Internet World.
    If he choose to make this world vanish, he can.
    He is laughing in the inside.

  • Alexandr Lazarev

    Dear Mark, we – Facebook users –
    have helped you get to the very top, become rich and famous, now it's your turn
    to give us, your users, a chance to become rich and famous. The
    reality show “A Way to High Life” is your real chance to help us. We are

  • Bhrett Gray

    these damn congressmen are too damn old to know the gravity of what they're talking about… The people who question one of the few who almost totally control the information that people use to make decisions. Behaviour is determined by perception and perception is determined by information received. Ergo, the people who control the information control the peoples behaviour.

  • Riana Boshoff

    If someone's information is used for criminal activities, or even worse, terrorism, the marketing companies will still win because all they care about is money. My computer and phone was recently hacked into. Some of my private Whatsapp messages between a friend and I has been used for a church's fundraising event. My suggestion to them is: stop the marketing and give people money you've made with their information.
    When I have children one day I don't want them to grow up in front of a screen 24/7. It is not good for their development as human beings. Ironically, according to some news reports I' ve seen, some of the big tech companies bosses' children are not allowed to spend much time in front of a screen.
    In the last day I got a report from the Jihad News in my Google newsfeed when I opened a new Chrome screen on my phone. I never read that newspaper in my entire life. It is just really weird to have seen it.
    What is also really weird is that I completed a CELTA (Cambridge English teaching certificate for adults) in April when I became aware of weird feeds everywhere, even on Youtube. We also had our national elections in May. Many people reported fraud after the elections. So I am wondering about that too. At this moment, I just have too many questions, and too little answers.
    I noticed a lot of Netflix ads on Youtube since I did the CELTA as well as content I may have been interested in 9/10 years ago when I was in Paris: the Faberge eggs. I've noticed that I met an Odile and an Odette (Swanlake) in the past ten years. One of the tutors of the place where I attended CELTA is Russian although she was not our tutor.

  • Grumpy Taffer

    1 year already and I hate the fact that FB has done literally nothing against the violation of privacy it calls a business model. What pisses me off, is that there is no real decrease in it's users, despite the fact that all those campaigns FB launched offered no real solution whatsoever, whenever it's in it's terms of use or on it's data mining methods.


    Dear Mark Zuckerberg, stop exploiting the vulnerability of human psychology with your "product" = gossip. Someone used fb as a weapon and ruinned my job and career. Please SELL F***book and invest all your money on canned gefilte fish and matzo ball soups. You will make 10x the amount you've earned from FB and put Cambells Soup out of business, because people love chicken matzo ball soup and gefilte fish 😂 😂 😂 🤢 🤢 🤢

  • WatchMakingMan

    People need to come together and understand the power of an angry and determined population. Gillete made an ad that angered millions of American males and as a result they all came together and said they would stop buying those products made by Gillete. Well that initiative worked wonders because the company lost 8 billions dollars in a year and is now dropping their campaign of hate speech against men everywhere. If everyone in America decided to stop using Facebook and Twitter until they fixed their issues and started giving equal time to both sides you would see Mark Zuckerberg blowing a walrus on live TV just to get people to tune back in.

  • Harold McBroom

    People have gotten a powerful tool to stay connected to the ones we love, while corrupt and treasonous Government gets a pretty thorough database of everything in-between, from photo's to an intricate web of intersecting family and friends connections that contain their thoughts, beliefs, likes, dislikes, and their whereabouts at any given moment of time.  If one tracks the action we see today, from what it first started out as, we can clearly come to the conclusion that this was the intention all along, for Government to have the ability to know just about everything about everyone.   You weaving spiders, weaving your webs of deceit therein the shadows you prefer over the light, causing conflict on both sides, I see your webs, and you are not passing laws that affect our futures, for it is written, "That which is, is that which was, and that which will be, has already been, and God requires an account of the PAST"   You brood of vipers, we are not living in the present, but the past, for to be absent from the body is to be "present" with the Lord.  Where God is, is where the present is…  He who believes on the Name of Jesus Christ is not condemned, but he who does not, is ALREADY condemned.

  • Nolan Abell

    Every single one of these retards asking questions needs to be fired. They asked questions that have nothing to do with facebooks privacy. They are so dumb it’s laughable, a teenage Facebook user could have asked better questions. Like how can you be so dumb. If you aren’t competent in your job, then you deserve to be fired.

  • Rahul Samalty

    Idk why these people interrogating Mark for no reason as they don't know and mostly have ever learned about typical internet society they only know how to regualte a nation but doesn't know other stuff than Nation suffering. There should be a separate internet government who purely understand the internet and let them regulate.

  • largraf

    Prez. Trump: "Mr. Zuckerberg, you know we can break up Facebook if we find you're planning to collude with Google to flip the next election to Democrats, don't you?"
    Zuck to Prez: "Mr. P., you can't touch me; I'll do whatever I want; Sundar and I are leading the world to a New World Order; we're taking your guns & you can't do a thing about it."

  • Sameer Syed

    nothing is safe if you connect to the internet plus no one force you to use fb and other aaps by granting access to apps people agree by clicking yes to grant permission to contacts gallery etc nobody pointed a gun at users its people who want to showoff and share their life on fb and whatsaap google so live with it or don't use it these guys are just jealous cus he is a highschool dropot kid who is selfmade millionaires and they are still govt employee till they die

  • PsychoCit

    Internet? What? We can't get our heads around the International part…
    Net what? Net worth? No. No. Order in the court! Our checks are safe! They aren't trying to take back our pay raises!

  • Jp

    F*** this piece of s*** he's a reason why people can't afford to live in the Bay Area anymore he contracts employees from other countries with rental agreements and they rent out whole apartment buildings over priced rent because the landlord knows Facebook has billions of dollars to pay mean while regular people suffer he has created a freaking nightmare for people buying up everything around him to just build more freaking buildings more overpriced real estate disgusting they should just shut this whole thing down cuz it ain't helping the public just helping himself to acquire more things

  • Tall Fish

    8:40 there should be guidance from the parents majorly cuz they provide every single thing their kids cry for and lately they gonna blame some company for the privacy of their kids.. that's not how it should right?

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